Automated PCR Testing System Launched

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Toyoake, Aichi Pref., April 8 (Jiji Press)--A fully automated novel coronavirus testing system began operations at Fujita Health University in Toyoake, in the central Japan prefecture of Aichi, last month.

The system uses robots to conduct polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, tests, significantly reducing infection risks for technicians.

"The system will reduce the burden on medical workers, who are exhausted from measures to prevent infections," especially as Japan braces for a fourth wave of coronavirus cases, Hiroyasu Ito, a professor at the university, said.

The system, developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. <7012>, is housed in a container 2.5 meters wide and 12.2 meters long, and has 13 robotic arms. It conducts all the steps required to test samples for coronavirus infections without human intervention.

The university is aiming to make it possible for the system to produce test results in just 80 minutes.

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