Kyoto to Form Team to Check Virus Steps at Restaurants, Bars

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Kyoto, April 9 (Jiji Press)--Kyoto Governor Takatoshi Nishiwaki said Friday that a team will be formed to check whether restaurants and bars in the western Japan prefecture's namesake capital city are taking measures to contain a spread of the novel coronavirus.

On the day, the Kyoto prefectural government asked the central government for the application of the coronavirus pre-emergency stage based on the country's special measures law against the virus, in response to a surge in the number of new infection cases.

"We've entered the fourth wave (of infections)," Nishiwaki told a press conference.

The central government is expected to make a decision later in the day on the pre-emergency designation for the city of Kyoto and some areas in Tokyo and the southernmost prefecture of Okinawa. The pre-emergency stage now covers a total of six cities in three of the country's 47 prefectures--Osaka, which borders Kyoto Prefecture, Hyogo, adjacent to Osaka, and Miyagi in northeastern Japan.

The number of new coronavirus infection cases in Kyoto Prefecture is rising, coming to 83 on Thursday. Expressing concern that the coronavirus infection situation in the prefecture may come to resemble those in Osaka and Hyogo, Nishiwaki warned, "In such a situation, burdens on medical institutions would grow, and we would become unable to save the lives that could be saved."

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