FOCUS: Suga Facing Growing Hurdles on Road to Olympic Success


Tokyo, April 16 (Jiji Press)--With fewer than 100 days until the scheduled start of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's path to a successful staging of the events is becoming increasingly rocky as novel coronavirus infections spread more rapidly than expected.

The Suga administration claims that it is doing all it can to curb the spread of the virus, aiming to achieve "safe and secure" Olympics that serve as "a testament that humanity has overcome the novel coronavirus." The government has also painted the games as an opportunity to showcase Japan's recovery from the March 2011 major earthquake and tsunami.

While it has bowed to the reality of being unable to host the games in its full form, the administration has maintained that the event will not be canceled.

"The Olympics will go on in any event," a senior official from the prime minister's office said.

But the possibility of the government being forced to declare a third state of emergency over the coronavirus epidemic has cast a shadow over the future of the Tokyo Games.

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