Cap on Tokyo Games Spectators May Be Decided by June

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Tokyo, April 21 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government, the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organizing committee and others have launched discussions on postponing from within this month a decision on the cap on the number of spectators at the events.

They will consider options including putting off the decision until the end of June, about a month before the opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics on July 23, informed sources said.

The parties involved are finding it difficult to set the cap now, with the government seen issuing a state of emergency over the novel coronavirus for Tokyo soon.

Officials from five relevant organizations, including the central government, the Tokyo metropolitan government and the International Olympic Committee, are scheduled to hold talks later this month, the sources said, adding that they are expected to confirm the postponement of the decision on the maximum number of spectators.

With Japan having already decided not to accept general spectators from abroad for the Tokyo Games, attention is now being paid to the limit on spectators from Japan. Organizers are considering options such as setting the ceiling at 50 pct of the capacity of venues and accepting no spectators if the coronavirus continues to spread.

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