Japan Governors Call for Fully Curbing Infections under Emergency


Tokyo, April 24 (Jiji Press)--Japanese prefectural governors on Saturday urged the national government to thoroughly reduce novel coronavirus infections, after a decision was made the previous day to put Tokyo and three other prefectures under a fresh state of emergency over the virus crisis.

In a set of proposals adopted in a videoconference, the National Governors' Association said the central government should send a strong message urging people to change their behavior in order to boost the effects of countermeasures to be implemented intensively in a short period of time. New infection cases need to be reduced to a level where a rebound will not occur easily, the association said.

Far more stronger measures, such as those for reducing people's movements, should be taken ahead of the Golden Week holiday period between later this month and early May, it said, asking the government to urge people in areas with spikes in infection cases not to go on travel to other areas. The state should shoulder travel cancellation costs to increase the efficacy of the message, the association added.

The fresh state of emergency for Tokyo and the western prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo is set to start on Sunday for a 17-day run through May 11, mainly covering the holiday period.

The proposals also included a hike in state subsidies to help cover local governments' costs for coronavirus measures, such as for compensation payments to eating and drinking establishments complying with temporary closure requests and for inspections of such facilities to check whether they are taking adequate infection prevention measures based on related guidelines.

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