Japan Newly Finds 4,609 People with Coronavirus

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Tokyo, April 25 (Jiji Press)--The number of people who were confirmed positive for the novel coronavirus in Japan on Sunday came to 4,609.

New fatalities linked to the virus totaled 51 across the nation, while the number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients increased by 27 from Saturday to 864.

Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, confirmed 1,050 new infection cases, with its daily count topping 1,000 for the sixth consecutive day. The number of patients with severe coronavirus symptoms in Osaka rose to a record 362. The occupancy rate for hospital beds for severely ill patients under the prefectural government's criteria came to 126.8 pct, also a record high.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 635 new infection cases on the day, the first reading below 700 in six days. But Tokyo marked the first figure exceeding 600 for a Sunday since Jan. 31.

The seven-day average of newly confirmed infection cases in the Japanese capital stood at 727.1 as of Sunday, up 24 pct from a week before.

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