New Mobile Speed-Monitoring Device Effective to Slow Vehicles


Tokyo, May 5 (Jiji Press)--A test by Japan's National Police Agency has confirmed that a newly developed portable speed-monitoring device is effective in slowing vehicles traveling on school zones, especially during the morning commuting hours.

The agency informed police departments across the nation of the findings to encourage them to use the equipment.

The total number of the machine in operation is seen topping 100 units in 46 of the country's 47 prefectures by the end of March 2022. The equipment, which is installed on roadsides, can be carried by about two people.

While a police officer is deployed for each machine to prevent the equipment from being stolen or damaged, the device automatically takes pictures of the driver's seats and the license plates of vehicles traveling at speeds exceeding the limits. The drivers will be summoned at later dates and issued speeding tickets.

The previous mobile speed-monitoring equipment required police officers to stop speeding vehicles and issue speeding tickets on site. The new type is expected to be used mainly on narrow school zones and community roads.

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