Japan Firm to Build New Whaling Mother Ship


Tokyo, May 10 (Jiji Press)--Kyodo Senpaku Co. said Monday that it will spend 6 billion yen to construct a new whaling mother ship that will succeed the current Nisshin Maru, which is aging.

The Tokyo-based whaling company aims to complete the construction and start operating the new ship in 2024.

The new mother ship will be suited for commercial whaling, Kyodo Senpaku said, noting that it will have a structure enabling crew members to process captured whales on the vessel easily. The current Nisshin Maru is designed for research whaling and good at navigating every corner of target areas, according to Kyodo Senpaku, the only company in Japan doing mother ship-based whaling.

The new ship will be capable of landing fin whales that may be allowed to be caught in the future and of sailing to the Antarctic Ocean.

The company plans to fully cover the construction costs on its own, without relying on state subsidies. Kyodo Senpaku will raise its whale meat wholesale prices by 20 pct from June and launch a crowdfunding campaign.

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