Japan, Russia Hold Event to Mark 60 Yrs since Gagarin's Flight

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Moscow, May 16 (Jiji Press)--Space-related officials from Japan and Russia on Sunday joined an online event for children to mark the 60th anniversary this year of the first manned space flight by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin of the former Soviet Union.

The participating officials included Sergei Krikalyov, a former Russian cosmonaut who is currently an executive of Roscosmos, a Russian state-run space development firm, and Japanese astronaut Yamazaki Naoko.

During the event, hosted by the Japanese Embassy in Moscow, a video of Gagarin visiting Japan in 1962 after his successful space flight was shown to participants.

A student of a Japanese school in Moscow asked, "When you controlled a robot arm while you were in space, did it feel different from how it was during training on Earth?"

In response, Yamazaki said: "The body floats when manipulating (a robot arm) in zero gravity so I had to secure myself properly. That was very different from exercises."

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