Japan Eyes Law Revision to Protect Sex Crime Victims' Info


Tokyo, May 20 (Jiji Press)--Japanese Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa asked an advisory panel on Thursday to consider a law revision to prevent sex crime victims' names and home addresses from being exposed to suspected offenders during investigations and court hearings.

The Legislative Council will look at allowing information that may help identify victims to be removed from arrest warrants, indictments and other documents.

The measure would apply to rape, sexual assault, child prostitution, child pornography and other sex crime cases, as well as stalking cases if there are fears that the dignity and daily lives of victims or their families would be badly affected.

The 2016 revision of the criminal procedure law added a supplementary provision calling for a study on measures to protect sex crime victims' names and other information. Specifics were discussed by judges, prosecutors, lawyers and National Police Agency officials.

Currently, police officers show to suspects original arrest warrants issued by judges that include victims' names and other personal information when they apprehend the alleged offenders.

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