Guilt-by-Association Rules Applied to Anri Kawai


Hiroshima, May 21 (Jiji Press)--A court on Friday banned former House of Councillors member Anri Kawai from running in elections for the upper chamber of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, from the Hiroshima prefectural constituency for five years, applying guilt-by-association rules to her over an election law violation case involving a former secretary to her.

Hiroshima High Court gave the ruling in an administrative lawsuit filed by the Hiroshima High Public Prosecutors Office in December 2020, after the former secretary’s guilty verdict in the public offices election law violation case was finalized in the same month.

The former secretary was convicted of making payments exceeding a legal limit to staff workers for Kawai’s campaign for the July 2019 Upper House election, in which she won a parliamentary seat for the first time. Kawai ran in the poll from the prefectural constituency of Hiroshima, western Japan.

In the administrative suit, the high prosecutors office demanded that the guilt-by-association rules be applied to Kawai, 47, arguing that the former secretary was a manager of her campaign for the election.

Kawai resigned as Upper House lawmaker on Feb. 3 this year, two days before her own guilty ruling, for vote-buying in the same Upper House poll in violation of the election law, became final. Kawai said in a statement at the time that she would not appeal against a decision in the administrative lawsuit.

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