More Kids in Japan Play Games on School Days: Survey

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Tokyo, May 23 (Jiji Press)--More fourth-grade students in elementary school in Japan play video games or mobile games on school days than children of the same age did nine years ago, a Japanese health ministry survey has shown.

The proportion of such children stood at 74.8 pct among those who were born in 2010 and turned 10 years old last year, up from 65.2 pct in a similar survey conducted on children born in 2001 when they reached the age of 10.

The health ministry conducted the latest survey last year on some 26,000 children born in 2010 and collected answers from 92 pct of them.

Of the respondents, those who play games for less than an hour on school days accounted for 71.2 pct when they were first-grade students. But the proportion fell to 48.1 pct when they got into the fourth grade.

Of the fourth graders, 38.7 pct said they play games for an hour or more but less than two hours on school days and 9.8 pct for two hours or more but less than three hours. Both of the proportions were higher than the percentages marked when they were first graders.

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