Severe COVID-19 Patients Have More "Bad Antibodies": Osaka Univ. Team

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Osaka, May 24 (Jiji Press)--A research group of Osaka University said Monday that novel coronavirus patients in serious condition had more antibodies facilitating the virus' binding to body cells than those with less severe symptoms.

There are six types of such "bad" antibodies, which help the virus bind to the ACE2 receptor protein on the cell surface about three times easily, the team led by Prof. Hisashi Arase said.

Arase and colleagues identified the six while studying functions of 76 antibodies to the coronavirus.

The researchers also found that the virus cannot bind to the receptor strongly when ample virus-neutralizing antibodies exist.

"The findings can be used to detect the risk of becoming severely ill in COVID-19 patients and to develop a novel vaccine," Arase said.

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