20 Pct of Schools in Japan Lack Disaster Evacuation Plans

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Tokyo, June 8 (Jiji Press)--About 20 pct of Japanese public schools in areas at risk of flooding or landslide have not come up with evacuation plans, an education ministry survey showed Tuesday.

The first such survey by the ministry, conducted as of Oct. 1 last year, covered publicly run kindergartens, and elementary, junior high and high schools located in areas requiring vigilance against flooding or landslide in times of heavy rain and designated by relevant local governments as facilities used by those who need special attention under their disaster management plans.

It found that 1,111, or 15 pct, of 7,476 schools in areas at risk of flooding and 879, or 21 pct, of 4,192 schools in areas with landslide risks have not mapped out evacuation plans specifying routes and methods.

The survey also showed that 2,101, or 28 pct, of the schools in flooding warning areas and 1,360, or 32 pct, of the schools in landslide warning areas have not conducted evacuation drills.

Revisions of the flooding prevention law and the landslide prevention law in 2017 made the compilation of evacuation plans and implementation of related drills mandatory for schools designated as facilities used by those in need of special attention against disasters.

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