Suga Cabinet Approval Almost Flat at 33 Pct: Jiji Poll


Tokyo, June 18 (Jiji Press)--A Jiji Press opinion survey for June showed Friday that the public approval rate for Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s cabinet inched up 0.9 percentage point from the previous month to 33.1 pct.

The disapproval rate fell 0.4 point to 44.2 pct, according to the survey, conducted for four days through Monday. Disapproval exceeded approval for the sixth successive month.

The Suga government’s response to the novel coronavirus crisis was rated negatively by 55.1 pct of all respondents, down 9.5 points, and rated positively by 23.2 pct, up 5.6 points. The proportion of people who answered neither or said they do not know came to 21.7 pct.

The proportion of respondents who said COVID-19 vaccinations, branded by Suga as the trump card in the fight against the virus, have been slow came to 69.4 pct, far higher than the 20.0 pct in the belief that inoculations are steadily underway, while 10.5 pct answered neither or said they do not know.

Among those who approved the Suga cabinet, with multiple answers allowed, 13.7 pct said there is no other person suitable to be prime minister, 8.3 pct said they trust Suga and 5.9 pct said they have a good impression of him. Of those disapproving the cabinet, 23.6 pct said they expect nothing from Suga, 22.7 pct said he lacks leadership skills and 16.9 pct said they cannot trust the prime minister.

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