Delta Variant Infection during Conversation Likely Quicker

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Tokyo, June 24 (Jiji Press)--A simulation by Japanese supercomputer Fugaku has shown that the Delta coronavirus variant, first identified in India, is likely to transmit through conversation droplets far faster than the original strain.

A team led by researchers at Japanese government-linked research institute Riken found that the time that the Delta variant takes to present high infection risks during conversation is about half the amount the original strain needs.

"As for the variant, we need to pay attention to the time, not just the distance," when having conversations, said Riken researcher Makoto Tsubokura, professor at Kobe University.

The team simulated how droplets spread from an infected person talking without a mask and estimated how much virus in droplets is inhaled by a person standing 2 meters away, both for the Delta and original strains.

Assuming that the variant is 2.5 times as contagious as the original strain, the possibility of getting infected reached 10 pct in some 45 minutes for the original strain and less than 20 minutes for the variant, according to the simulation.

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