Tokyo Restaurants May Be Asked to Stop Serving Alcohol Again

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Tokyo, June 25 (Jiji Press)--Restaurants and bars in Tokyo may be asked again to stop serving alcohol if the COVID-19 situation worsens further, Japanese economic revitalization minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said Friday.

"I have a strong sense of caution over increases in flows of people and new COVID-19 cases," Nishimura told a press conference.

New COVID-19 cases in Tokyo have exceeded week-before levels in recent days. Health experts expressed concerns over a possible resurgence in cases at a metropolitan government meeting Thursday.

"Strong measures, including a halt for alcoholic drinks, should be considered," said Nishimura, who leads the central government's COVID-19 response.

"We need to take steps in advance," Nishimura said. But he added that "the current situation doesn't require a fresh state of emergency to be declared immediately."

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