More Diseases to Be Covered by Fertilized Egg Testing in Japan

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Tokyo, June 26 (Jiji Press)--The Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology said Saturday it plans to expand the scope of severe genetic diseases that are detected through preimplantation testing performed on fertilized eggs.

While the testing has only been covering diseases that may force sufferers to die before they reach adulthood, the society plans to expand the coverage to also include diseases that develop during adulthood.

The policy was unveiled at a press conference held after the society’s regular general meeting on Saturday. The society will advance discussions in order to revise related internal regulations.

In a report compiled in May, the society had indicated a plan to allow preimplantation testing to be performed to detect diseases that may cause death “before adulthood in principle.” By using the expression “in principle,” the society aims to leave open the possibility of diseases that occur during adulthood being covered by the testing, while stopping short of listing specific disease names.

The society also said in the report that the testing should be performed to detect diseases requiring advanced treatment that takes a toll on the patient’s body.

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