Organic Agriculture Drawing Attention in Japan

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Tokyo, July 7 (Jiji Press)--Organic farming, which does not involve any agricultural chemicals or synthesized fertilizers, is attracting attention in Japan, especially because it puts less strain on the environment.

While the Japanese government has launched a strategy to promote organic agriculture, there are still many challenges to overcome, including ways to reduce physical burdens on farmers and costs, and expand sales channels.

"We've recently been seeing an increase in the number of environmentally aware young customers," said Naoya Okada, president of Bio c' Bon Japon Co., which operates an organic food store in Tokyo's Ebisu district.

Organic farming uses compost for soil cultivation, with farmers digging up weeds without relying on agricultural chemicals.

Momentum for compiling international organic agriculture standards is building, especially in Europe, as the farming method is believe to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and the fight against global warming.

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