"Goshuin" Stamp Created for Kumamoto Recovery from Rain Disaster


Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto Pref., July 3 (Jiji Press)--A new "goshuin" stamp has been created for a Shinto shrine in the city of Hitoyoshi in Kumamoto Prefecture with a wish for the early reconstruction of areas in the southwestern Japan prefecture hit by a deadly rain disaster a year ago.

In the disaster, which struck on July 4 last year, Aoi Aso Shrine was inundated due to the flooding of the Kuma River. More than 60 lives were lost in the disaster.

"I believe that local people would be cheered if the shrine regains luster," Yoshifumi Fukukawa, the shrine's 57-year-old chief priest, said.

The shrine's "haiden" worship hall, designated as a national treasure, and its tower gate were inundated in the disaster. The shrine office was also flooded, and 77 swords dedicated to the shrine were damaged by the floodwater. "I went to the shrine as if I was swimming" to confirm the extent of damage, Fukukawa recalled.

The new goshuin stamp was dedicated by first-class seal-engraving technician Toen Araki, 40, a resident of the Kumamoto town of Mashiki, which was heavily damaged by powerful earthquakes in April 2016.

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