"Golgo 13" Tops "Kochikame" for Most Volumes in Manga Series

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Tokyo, July 5 (Jiji Press)--The 201st volume of the "Golgo 13" manga series was released in Japan on Monday, surpassing the record for most volumes published in a single manga series, as recognized by Guinness World Records.

With the latest Golgo 13 book by Takao Saito, 84, which was released by Leed Publishing Co., Golgo 13 topped the 2016 record of 200 volumes held by popular Japanese manga "Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikoen-mae Hashutsujo," or "Kochikame" for short, which was created by Osamu Akimoto.

A long-standing series that was first featured in the Big Comic magazine in 1968, Golgo 13 is about Duke Togo, a skilled sniper of unidentified nationality.

Excluding a one-and-a-half-month hiatus last year amid the novel coronavirus epidemic, the comic has been running continuously since being serialized.

The latest volume features three stories, including one on cryptocurrency.

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