Top Court Rules 2nd Daughter Keeper of Remains of Executed Aum Guru


Tokyo, July 5 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Supreme Court has upheld lower courts' rulings that the second daughter of Chizuo Matsumoto, the founder and former leader of the now-defunct Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult, is the rightful keeper of his remains and hair.

On Friday, the top court's Third Petty Bench rejected special appeals filed respectively by the fourth daughter and the pair of Matsumoto's wife and his second son, finalizing the rulings of Tokyo Family Court and Tokyo High Court.

The remains and hair of Matsumoto, who went by the name of Shoko Asahara and was executed in 2018 when he was 63, are currently stored at the Tokyo Detention House.

Public safety authorities stay vigilant against successor groups of the cult, which may worship the remains.

Just before the execution, Matsumoto expressed hope that his fourth daughter, who distances herself from Aum activities, would keep his remains, informed sources said.

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