Tokyo Gov. Suggests Canceling Olympics No Longer Option

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Tokyo, July 9 (Jiji Press)--Canceling or scaling down the Tokyo Olympics is no longer an option, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike suggested Friday, a day after Tokyo Games organizers and others agreed to hold the games mostly without spectators.

"We'll focus on discussing the spectator issue" if the pandemic situation in the host city worsens further, Koike told a press conference.

"It's extremely important to hold the games safely and securely," Koike said. "We share the same hope with the International Olympic Committee, the national government and other parties concerned."

The governor expressed the view that people will be able to feel a sense of togetherness by watching the games on television. "We hope to hold the games as if seven billion people around the globe are spectators," she said.

There remain calls, including from the Tokyo Medical Association, to consider canceling the Tokyo Games, which are slated to start later this month, if it is hard to prevent infections from spreading and weighing on medical services.

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