Giant 3D Cat Appears on Billboard in Tokyo's Shinjuku


Tokyo, July 12 (Jiji Press)--A giant 3D calico cat surprised passersby as it officially started appearing on a large billboard near the east exit of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo's busy Shinjuku district on Monday.

The cat, which has a body length of more than 10 meters, is shown on the Cross Shinjuku Vision, a new billboard operated by Tokyo-based Yunika Corp. The billboard's curved screen makes it possible to show objects in 3D.

According to Yunika, the cat "wakes up" every morning at 7 a.m. and appears on the screen many times, between regular ads, in the daytime. The cat also meows to passersby. At night, it turns off the light and falls to sleep.

After test broadcasts started in late June, people who spotted the cat posted videos on the internet one after another. The number of followers for the cat's official Twitter "Shinjuku Higashiguchi no Neko" (Cat at East Exit of Shinjuku) reached 20,000 on Monday.

A passerby who saw the 3D cat said, "It looks real," and another commented, "It's too cute." The cat attracted huge attention abroad as well, called "Catzilla" in some places. Catzilla is a play on the words "cat" and "Godzilla," a popular Japanese movie monster.

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