Japan Team Develops Ovarian Tissues from Mouse ES Cells

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Tokyo, July 16 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese research team has successfully developed ovarian tissues from mouse embryonic stem, or ES, cells in an experimental container for the first time in the world.

An egg that grew in the tissues was fertilized in vitro with normal sperm and then transferred to a surrogate mouse. As a result, an apparently healthy offspring was born.

The study by the team, led by Kyushu University Prof. Katsuhiko Hayashi and assistant professor Takashi Yoshino, was published Friday in the journal Science.

Previously, Hayashi and others developed a technology to turn ES cells and induced pluripotent stem, or iPS, cells into reproductive cells. However, the reproductive cells had to be either transferred to a mouse ovary or cultivated together with an ovary harvested from a fetus, in order to grow into eggs.

In the latest study, the researchers successfully created ovary component cells from mouse ES cells and developed ovarian tissues including eggs from the component cells.

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