Japan Police Tightening Security ahead of Tokyo Games

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Tokyo, July 20 (Jiji Press)--Japanese police have started taking full-fledged security measures ahead of the opening of the Tokyo Olympics on Friday.

A total of some 60,000 personnel, including officers from Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department and eight prefectural police departments, as well as those dispatched as support members from other police departments across the country, will engage in security activities such as guarding venues and dignitaries during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Although there will be no spectators at most Olympic venues due to the resurgence of the new coronavirus in the country, the Games will still be under heavy security.

Usually, routes connecting venues and nearby train stations are put on full alert as such "last mile" routes are prone to slip-and-fall accidents and terrorist attacks when they become crowded before and after events.

But with spectators banned from most venues and public viewing events canceled in Tokyo, security staff will be dispatched mainly around venues and busy train stations.

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