Cardboard Beds at Olympic Village Draw Attention

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London, July 19 (Jiji Press)--Cardboard bed frames prepared at the Tokyo Olympic Village are drawing attention, giving rise to speculation that they have been intentionally made fragile to prevent users from having close contact amid a resurgence of novel coronavirus infections in Japan.

"Beds to be installed in the Tokyo Olympic Village will be made of cardboard, this is aimed at avoiding intimacy among athletes," Paul Chelimo, a U.S. track and field athlete, said in a Twitter post Saturday.

Following the comment the New York Post, the Daily Mail and others described them as "anti-sex" beds designed to support the weight of only one user.

Meanwhile, Irish gymnast Rhys Mcclenaghan on Sunday posted a video on Twitter in which he jumped on a cardboard bed in the athletes village repeatedly and called the anti-sex bed rumor "fake news." The International Olympic Committee responded favorably to the post, tweeting, "Thanks for debunking the myth."

The cardboard bed frames were provided by Japanese bedding maker Airweave Inc., an official sponsor of the Tokyo Games. They are recyclable and aimed at demonstrating sustainability, according to the company.

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