Some Moderately Ill COVID-19 Patients Subject to Hospitalization: Suga

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Tokyo, Aug. 3 (Jiji Press)--Moderately ill COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms are subject to hospitalization under the Japanese government's new policy, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga clarified Tuesday.

Meeting with Japan Medical Association President Toshio Nakagawa at the prime minister's office in Tokyo, Suga said, "We'll make sure to have those who need oxygen administration and have diabetes and other diseases hospitalized."

Suga's remarks came after the government advised Monday that COVID-19 patients in Tokyo and other areas where new cases are surging be treated at home in principle unless they are very ill or have risks of developing severe symptoms. The new hospitalization policy is aimed at preventing a shortage of hospital beds.

But the government failed to clarify which areas except for Tokyo will be subject to the new policy. A senior official at the health ministry said, the hospitalization criteria will be applied "based on symptoms in individual cases."

Suga sought Nakagawa's cooperation in enabling doctors to respond swiftly to the deterioration of symptoms of COVID-19 patients staying at home or designated hotels even when such patients increase sharply.

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