Tokyo Olympic Mascot Miraitowa Little Seen

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Tokyo, Aug. 4 (Jiji Press)--Miraitowa, the Tokyo Olympics' blue and white checked official mascot, has been little seen during the Games, despite its touted power to teleport anywhere featured in its promotional pitch.

Miraitowa was assigned the role of "ambassador" for welcoming athletes from abroad and adding excitement to the Olympics. But its presence is nearly nil.

As the latest of the official Olympic mascots, which started with Waldi for the 1972 Munich Games, Miraitowa, along with Tokyo Paralympic mascot Someity, was created by illustrator Ryo Taniguchi, 46.

Miraitowa and Someity, which the promotional pitch says can travel freely between digital and real worlds, gained the support of an overwhelming majority in a nationwide vote by elementary school children.

Since its debut in July 2018, Miraitowa has contributed to building up the Olympic atmosphere by participating in related events and visiting many elementary schools.

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