Fever, Pain Reliever Sales Spike in Japan amid Spread of Vaccines


Tokyo, Aug. 10 (Jiji Press)--With more and more people receiving their COVID-19 vaccine doses in Japan, sales of fever and pain relievers are also expanding sharply.

The number of people taking such drugs after experiencing negative reactions from novel coronavirus vaccines is believed to be rising.

According to Tokyo-based research firm Intage Inc., sales of antipyretic analgesics increased 50 pct from a year earlier in late June, when COVID-19 vaccinations at workplaces started.

A survey by Japan's health ministry found that many people who received coronavirus vaccines experienced negative reactions such as pain in the area of injection, overall tiredness, headaches and fever. Nearly 80 pct of those who were given their second shot of the vaccine developed by Moderna Inc. of the United States ran a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher.

Intage found that sales of medicines to relieve pain and fever started to rise around May, when vaccinations among elderly people started in earnest. In particular, sales increased sizably for products containing acetaminophen, which helps reduce pain and fever, Intage analyst Toshimitsu Kiji said.

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