Nagoya Mayor to Get No Pay for 3 Months after Medal-Biting


Nagoya, Aug. 16 (Jiji Press)--Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura indicated Monday that he will not get his paycheck for three months, totaling 1.5 million yen, after an incident in which he bit a Tokyo Olympian's gold medal and also made problematic remarks to her.

Speaking at a press conference, Kawamura admitted that his action "caused discomfort" to the medal's owner, Miu Goto, a member of Japan's national softball team, and the people of Japan. "I admonish myself," he added.

Denying that he would resign over the incident, Kawamura said, "I'd like to continue to serve the public."

The incident occurred when Goto, a Nagoya native, visited the mayor on Aug. 4 to report the team's Olympic victory. During the meeting, Kawamura had her medal put around his neck and bit it jokingly.

Also at the meeting, Kawamura asked Goto whether she was allowed to have a romantic relationship and encouraged her to find a good husband.

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