INTERVIEW: World Needs to Watch Taliban over Next Month

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Tokyo, Aug. 18 (Jiji Press)--The international community should keep an eye on the Taliban's moves over the next month, Hiromi Nagakura, a Japanese photographer well-versed in Afghan affairs, said in a recent interview with Jiji Press.

"It would take a month" to see if the insurgent group, which retook control of Afghanistan some two weeks ahead of the deadline for U.S. troops' withdrawal, will again rule the West Asian country with brutality, Nagakura, 68, forecast.

"I have a slight hope that the ongoing negotiations between senior officials of the collapsed Afghan government and the Taliban will end successfully to prevent persecution of women and killing of citizens (who have cooperated with U.S. forces in the country)," he said.

But he also noted that brutal acts may be seen all over the country except for Kabul because outside the capital would be disorderly.

Meanwhile, Nagakura, who has published a photo book fearing famed anti-Soviet and -Taliban commander Ahmad Shah Massoud and is running a nongovernmental organization to support children's education in Afghanistan, did not rule out the possibility of the Taliban having dialogue with the international community.

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