Virus-Infected Woman in Japan Loses Baby after Home Birth

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Kashiwa, Chiba Pref., Aug. 19 (Jiji Press)--Administrative authorities in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, have failed to find a hospital to accept a pregnant local woman infected with the novel coronavirus, leading her to lose her baby boy after delivering the child at her home.

The woman in her 30s is not in a life-threatening condition, the city of Kashiwa, Chiba, said Thursday.

The woman, who was eight months pregnant, tested positive for the virus on Aug. 11. But her regular hospital, and the Chiba prefectural and Kashiwa municipal governments could not find a hospital for her, and she had to rest at home.

Her condition changed suddenly Tuesday, but no hospitals offered to accommodate her. She delivered the boy at her home later in the day. The baby was transported to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

According to the city, it takes time to arrange a hospital for pregnant women infected with the virus.

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