Japanese Spend More Time on Weekdays Online Than Watching TV

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Tokyo, Aug. 26 (Jiji Press)--The average time spent online by people in Japan on weekdays overtook that for watching television for the first time in fiscal 2020, which ended in March this year, a communications ministry survey on information media has shown.

According to the survey results, announced Wednesday, the average time on weekdays spent using the internet stood at 168.4 minutes while that for watching TV in real time came to 163.2 minutes. The survey by the ministry's Institute for Information and Communications Policy started in fiscal 2012.

The fiscal 2020 survey, taken in January, covered 1,500 people aged between 13 and 69.

The time spent on weekdays watching recorded TV programs, listening to the radio and reading a physical newspaper averaged 20.2 minutes, 13.4 minutes and 8.5 minutes, respectively.

On holidays, the average time spent watching TV in real time remained in first place, at 223.3 minutes, and that of internet usage came to 174.9 minutes. The difference between the two has been narrowing in recent years.

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