Foreign Materials Found Only in Japan-Bound Moderna Vaccine


New York, Aug. 26 (Jiji Press)--Foreign materials were found only in vials of U.S. biotechnology company Moderna Inc.'s COVID-19 vaccine with one product lot number distributed exclusively in Japan, Spanish pharmaceutical company Rovi, which participates in the vaccine's manufacturing processes, said Thursday.

The Madrid-based company also said in a statement that it is conducting an investigation to find the cause of the contamination, in cooperation with health authorities, as well as Moderna and Japan's Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. <4502>, which is in charge of the distribution of the Moderna vaccine in Japan.

The statement was released after multiple vaccination centers in Japan reported that some unused vials of the Moderna vaccine contained foreign materials.

According to Moderna, Rovi is responsible for the final manufacturing process, including vial filling, of the Moderna vaccine supplied to countries other than the United States.

The Spanish firm said that the contamination may have occurred in one of its manufacturing lines and that the lot in question and two adjacent lots have been put on hold as a precaution.

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