1905 Rescue of Russian Crew by Japan Locals Turned into Documentary

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Moscow, Sept. 1 (Jiji Press)--A preview has been held at the Japanese Embassy in Moscow of a documentary film created in Russia on Japanese locals' rescue of crew members of a Baltic Fleet transport ship damaged in the Battle of Tsushima in 1905.

The warship, Irtysh, sank off the coat of Shimane Prefecture, western Japan, on its way home after being hit by cannon fire in the major naval engagement during the Russo-Japanese War.

Residents of the present-day Waki-cho district in the Shimane city of Gotsu rescued more than 200 crewmen who abandoned the crippled ship and were trying to reach the shore.

In Waki-cho, a festival is held every year to pass down the humane story.

The documentary, created though the support of the Russian Historical Society, highlights desperate rescue efforts the local residents were making while understanding that they were saving enemy soldiers and the lives of descendants of the residents and the crewmen.

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