Ishikura Shows Eagerness as New Agency's Top Digital Officer


Tokyo, Sept. 3 (Jiji Press)--Yoko Ishikura, the top administrative official at the Japanese government's new Digital Agency, promised on Friday to utilize the strength of both the public and private sectors to deliver results.

"It's about doing what we want to do by using good points of both the public and private sectors. We'll make good use of their experiences and knowledge," Ishikura, originally from the private sector, said in a media interview two days after the launch of the agency.

The Digital Agency has a staff of some 600, including about 200 from the private sector.

A management strategy expert, Ishikura has served as an outside director for many companies. She was picked for the post of chief digital officer at the agency, dubbed a driving force for the digitalization of Japan's outdated administrative infrastructure.

"We won't be able to discuss strategies without taking technology into account. The issue is how we can utilize digital technology well to create a desired society," Ishikura said. She was referring to the tasks of offering more administrative services online and promoting the use of My Number social security and taxation identification cards, both priority issues for the agency.

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