Tokyo Startup to Launch Flying Electric Motorcycle in 2025


Tokyo, Sept. 6 (Jiji Press)--A.L.I. Technologies Inc. aims to launch an electric model of its hover motorcycle now being developed in 2025 at the earliest, Daisuke Katano, president of the Tokyo-based drone startup, has told Jiji Press.

The company hopes that the electric version of the motorbike, Xturismo, will be Japan's first flying electric motorcycle to use public roads. The company's move comes as decarbonization efforts are expected to accelerate in the automobile and other sectors.

The single-seater electric motorcycle hovers using propellers and travels several meters above the ground. It is expected to be used, for example, in search and rescue operations in disaster-hit areas. The transport ministry and others are discussing a legal framework for allowing such hover motorcycles to be used on public roads.

"It's not difficult to electrify Xturismo in terms of its structure," Katano said, noting that A.L.I. Technologies plans to mass-produce and sell the electric version in 2025 or 2026.

The company plans to extend its maximum flying time to about one hour and reduce its weight. According to Katano, the current battery technology only enables it to fly for up to about 10 minutes. A.L.I. Technologies aims to obtain license plates to allow the use of public roads for the electric motorcycle.

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