Japanese Win Ig Nobel Prize for Study on Smartphone Zombies


New York, Sept. 9 (Jiji Press)--A group of Japanese and other researchers won this year's Ig Nobel Prize for Kinetics on Thursday for its findings on disruptive effects of smartphone zombies in a crowd of pedestrians.

Hisashi Murakami, 34, assistant professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, and other members of the group received the award at a virtual ceremony.

An Ig Nobel Prize, a spoof of the Nobel Prize that honors humorous but creative research, has been awarded to any researcher from Japan for the 15th straight year.

When crowds of people are out and about, they naturally form into lanes to walk, a behavior known as lane formation.

While the majority of existing research aimed to unravel the phenomenon through mathematical models based on distances between pedestrians, Murakami focused on the future positions of pedestrians.

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