Data from Over 1,000 PCs Using Fortinet VPN in Japan May Have Leaked


Tokyo, Sept. 11 (Jiji Press)--Authentication data from more than 1,000 personal computers in Japan that use a virtual private network of Fortinet of the United States may have leaked, it was learned Saturday.

The company said Wednesday that authentication data from some 87,000 computers have leaked worldwide due to cyberattacks. Computers that had not updated the system or changed passwords are believed to have been hacked.

Fortinet is calling for necessary updates to be conducted promptly.

In Japan, data leaked from at least some 1,350 computers used at businesses, universities and other organizations, and the data is possibly being traded on illegal websites, according an analysis by a cybersecurity expert.

VPNs are a technology for connecting to in-house networks from outside systems via the internet securely. The technology is coming into wider use amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has led businesses and others to adopt remote work systems.

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