Zoos, Aquariums in Japan Entertain People Online

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Tokyo, Sept. 14 (Jiji Press)--Some zoos and aquariums in Japan are going online to entertain people amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, uploading funny and exciting videos of animals and interacting with viewers through live streaming.

Staff members are starting to feel confident that their efforts can create a new source of revenue and gain publicity for their facilities.

North Safari Sapporo, a zoo in Hokkaido, northernmost Japan, has been posting videos showing the habits of animals online, including those featuring a tiger reacting to Churu cat food and an otter wildly eating crayfish.

Since starting a YouTube channel in May last year, the zoo has uploaded some 350 such videos and gained some 170,000 subscribers.

Revenue from such videos reaches as much as 1 million yen a month, though not enough to support the operations of the zoo at a time when the number of visitors has plunged by about 40 pct due to the pandemic.

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