Record 250 People with Coronavirus Die at Home, Elsewhere in Aug.

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Tokyo, Sept. 13 (Jiji Press)--The number of people who were infected with the novel coronavirus and died in places other than hospitals, such as their homes, hit a monthly high of 250 in August, the National Police Agency reported Monday.

According to the NPA, the August figure far surpassed the previous record of 132, marked in January, and surged from 31 in July. Since comparable data became available in March last year, the cumulative number has risen to 817.

In the reporting month, there were 112 such deceased people in Tokyo, 23 in Saitama Prefecture, 22 in Kanagawa Prefecture and 20 in Osaka Prefecture.

Meanwhile, 132 people tested positive to the virus while they were alive and the remaining 118 people's infections were detected after their deaths.

The police also found that 216 died of diseases, including COVID-19, 22 in accidents and 12 from unknown causes.

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