U.N. Security Council Unable to Unite over N. Korean Missiles


New York, Sept. 15 (Jiji Press)--The U.N. Security Council at an emergency meeting held behind closed doors Wednesday failed to adopt a joint statement against North Korea after the country launched two short-range ballistic missiles toward the Sea of Japan the same day.

The ballistic missile launch violated past Security Council sanctions resolutions against the country. The Security Council's failure to adopt a joint statement meant that the international community was unable to issue a strong message urging Pyongyang to stop its missile development program.

North Korea's ballistic missile firing was the first since March. At the time, the Security Council was also unable to produce a joint document due to opposition by Russia, which said that the time was for evaluating the situation, not for action.

Russia, as well as China, may have taken a similar stance at the latest meeting, held based on a request by France and Estonia, informed sources said. The latest development attested to the difficulty for the global community to form a united front to pressure Pyongyang into abiding by international rules.

A U.S. official denounced Wednesday's missile launch, saying that it violated the past U.N. resolutions. Still, the official did not take a very tough stance, saying that Washington will continue a diplomatic approach to urge North Korea to engage in dialogue.

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