Japan Should Look at Maternal-Line Emperors as Option: Noda

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Tokyo, Sept. 17 (Jiji Press)--Seiko Noda, executive acting secretary-general of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, said Friday that the idea of allowing members of the Imperial Family's maternal lineage to become the Emperor should be an option.

Speaking at a joint press conference by four candidates in the Sept. 29 LDP leadership election, Noda said, "We must seek opinions widely from the people" on the Imperial succession.

"Maternal-line Emperors are one of the options," she said, adding that Japan is in a situation in which it is difficult to maintain the current system in which only men in the paternal bloodline of the Imperial lineage can take the throne.

On the other hand, former LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Fumio Kishida said that "only offspring in the paternal line have inherited the throne without exception," adding that he is "against maternal-line Emperors."

"We should consider options other than one allowing maternal-line Emperors," including reinstating men of the male bloodline from former Imperial Family, he added.

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