Typhoon Chanthu Lands in Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture


Tokyo, Sept. 17 (Jiji Press)--Typhoon Chanthu made landfall near Fukutsu in the southwestern Japan prefecture of Fukuoka on Friday evening, bringing strong wind and heavy rain in the western Japan region.

The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of torrential rain, violent storms and tidal surges, while calling for early efforts to ensure safety.

Typhoon Chanthu, the 14th typhoon of this year, is forecast to cross the Shikoku western region and the Kii Peninsula before becoming an extratropical cyclone above the Pacific Ocean off the Tokai central Japan region on Saturday night.

It was the first time on record for a typhoon to make landfall in the country from Fukuoka.

Heavy rain is also expected for the Tohoku northeastern Japan region and the northernmost Japan prefecture of Hokkaido as a low-pressure system will likely cross the northern part of the Tohoku region toward the Pacific Ocean.

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