LP Gas-Fueled Emergency Generators Gathering Attention


Akita, Sept. 30 (Jiji Press)--As Japan rushes to prepare for possible widespread power outages caused by ever-increasing natural disasters, people are turning to emergency generators that use liquefied petroleum gas for a stable supply of electricity.

Most portable generators in the market are powered by gasoline, which starts to deteriorate in half a year and can cause generators to malfunction if left unchecked.

Meanwhile, LP gas rarely deteriorates, making it possible to store the fuel for a long time.

According to data mainly from the Japan LP Gas Association, almost 50 pct of all households in the country use LP gas, meaning that gas cylinders equipped in many homes can be connected to generators in emergencies.

One Memory, an employment support facility for people with disabilities in the northeastern city of Akita introduced a portable LP gas-powered generator and a 1-ton gas tank in 2016 for around 4 million yen.

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