INTERVIEW: Takaichi Cautious about Children's Agency


Tokyo, Sept. 19 (Jiji Press)--Former Japanese internal affairs minister Sanae Takaichi, one of the four candidates for president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, said Sunday that it is too early to establish a new government agency in charge of child welfare.

"Some say that an agency for elderly people should be established if an agency for children is established. This is a matter that needs to be discussed thoroughly among ruling and opposition parties," Takaichi said.

It is difficult to introduce a bill on a children's agency to parliament during its next ordinary session set to begin early next year, she said in an interview with media organizations.

She expressed a willingness to hold talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to resolve Pyongyang's abductions of Japanese citizens. "A face-to-face meeting with Kim would be a first step" toward addressing the issue, she said.

Takaichi said that if she is elected prime minister, she will first visit the United States "to discuss defense cooperation to prepare for China risks."

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