"Quad" Leaders to Agree on Space Cooperation Working Group


Washington, Sept. 24 (Jiji Press)--Leaders of the "Quad" nations of the United States, Japan, Australia and India at their meeting at the White House on Friday afternoon are set to agree on the launch of a working group on space cooperation, a senior U.S. government official has said.

At the first in-person Quad summit, the participants will also adopt a plan to create a scholarship program in which science and technology students on master's and doctor's courses will study at graduate schools in the United States, the official said Thursday.

The space working group will seek cooperation in the field of maritime domain awareness, or MDA, aiming to share information about artificial satellites and ships held by each country, the official said, adding that the mechanism will be used to monitor illegal fishing practices, and predict and analyze climate change.

The Quad countries are apparently aiming to lead international work on rulemaking in a bid to hold in check China and Russia, both of which are increasing their military influence in space.

Still, a senior Japanese government official said that the four nations' space cooperation is likely to be limited to information sharing in nonmilitary areas, as India, which borders China, is negative about making the Quad framework a military alliance.

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