Sony Turning to Science Fiction for Novel Ideas

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Tokyo, Oct. 4 (Jiji Press)--How about a mask allowing the wearer to enjoy synthesized smells of excellent cuisine? Or a floating house for people displaced by higher sea levels due to climate change?

These are among the ideas for possible products and services that Japan's Sony Group Corp. <6758> have conceived based on science fiction stories created through collaboration between sci-fi writers and young in-house designers.

Such stories offer a peek into futures envisioned with the bold imagination of authors, and details included in the imagined futures are used to develop products and services. This method is called sci-fi prototyping.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented scenes like those from sci-fi movies, such as eerily empty cities due to lockdowns, Japanese companies including Sony are starting to explore unconventional methods to come up with novel ideas.

Sony put into shape products and services that appear in stories drawn up through workshops between writers and designers with "2050," "Tokyo," and "romance," designated as keywords for the overarching theme.

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