Women More Likely to Suffer from Long COVID: Study

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Tokyo, Oct. 15 (Jiji Press)--Women are more likely than men to suffer from post COVID-19 conditions such as fatigue and taste disorders, a survey by Japan's National Center for Global Health and Medicine showed on Friday.

Women are about twice as prone to experience fatigue and about three times more likely to have hair loss, the study said.

The survey was conducted with former COVID-19 patients who took part in a study after their recovery between February last year and March this year, with 457 people responding. Questions covered subjects such as aftereffects, often called long COVID, and early symptoms of coronavirus infections.

Compared with men, women are also some 60 pct more likely to have taste disorders and about 90 pct more likely to sustain smell disorders, according to the survey.

Taste and smell disorders tend to be seen among young people or people with slim builds.

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